Yup. Yet Another New Blog!

Yes, this is yet another addition to my growing blog family. I contemplated making this specific foodie blog a part of Buzzing!, but decided to go with a separate one. Some of the motivations for this blog are:

0. Food. As my friends and colleagues know, I am an avid lover of good food. I pursue great taste to a great extent. And the one thing I love almost as much as eating good food is talking about it. And a dedicated food blog in that context is a no-brainer. The Bay Area is a cornucopia of interesting restaurants- big and small and this blog will hopefully track my trips to as many of those as possible.

1. This blog is focused on food and food only. Why make it a part of something that includes everything from movies to cricket and books?. This is one of the prime reasons to keep it separate from Buzzing!.

2. Posterous: My other blogs are built using WordPress and I have always wanted to build one with Tumbr and/or Posterous. On repeated cajoling by Sudhir (@sudkish), I decided to give Posterous a shot.

3. I am undergoing a personal writing renaissance of sorts. After taking a break from blogging in 2006, I restarted with my tech blog last Fall. I have since rediscovered my love for the written word (in this case, my own). Facebook and Twitter are fun but not really for long form text. Facebook pages is less fun to write and design. So here I am with my third unique blog in less than a year.

Lets see how long this experiment lasts.

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