Cal-Mex food at Aqui in Cupertino

This review is probably one of the motivating reasons for me to start this blog. I love Aqui’s food so much. So it was little wonder when I made the trip for lunch, yet again on a warm Friday afternoon. It is a 10 minute walk from where I work and is a very popular place for our lunch crowd. In a deviation from my previous review and future reviews where I would talk about the specific lunch dish I enjoyed (or hated) this one will talk about their entire vegetarian menu. The main reason being that I have sampled their entire vegetarian menu (which is sizable) twice over. 

My love affair with Aqui started about 9 months ago when we were hunting for good Mexican food in the Bay Area. Yelp! reviews led us to a Cal-Mex restaurant in Willow Glen called Aqui. A trip with a bunch of friends and their toddler kids was a big success although the toddlers made it very hard to truly enjoy the full menu. When I saw them advertising a new branch in Cupertino, I was determined to give it a fair try. And that turned out to be the best decision ever.

Ambiance: The Cupertino Aqui is a large restaurant with a desert theme and very spacious seating. I would think it could seat over 150 people in one go. There is also some outdoor seating space.

Service: I love the service here. I have been seeing the same faces at the counter since the Cupertino branch opened up and they have all been kind, polite and wonderful. And yes, they make great recommendations.

The Food: Ah, the food. Every vegetarian dish is unique. The tofu preparations are a very unique Cal-Mex approach to tofu.The California Enchilada comes with a sauce that makes it otherworldly. The veggie burrito is the best bang for the buck for a hungry stomach. The Thai peanut veggie bowl satisfies the smaller appetite looking for a unique flavor. The potato and cheese enchilada is extremely filling and very tasty. For Indian folks looking for a spicy lunch, the salsa bar carries a couple of fairly spicy salsas that will give a nice heat kick to any dish or nachos. 

And to top it all are their agua frescas. The fresh juice of the day ranges from watermelon lime (today) to mango peach to orange mango to pineapple and they are all to die for. I could visit them daily just for the agua frescas.


5/5 for everything. It is that awesome. Highly recommended.