Indian food truck, CurryUpNow in Sunnyvale

I have seen and admired many a food truck in the streets, especially in SFO and NYC. I have never had the courage to experiment with the food until recently. Yesterday was my second pick up from CurryUpNow, an Indian food truck that goes around the Bay Area. They serve partly Mexican inspired, partly unique Indian fare for spice loving eaters. 

They have a blog which gets updated with specials for the day and also the occasional picture of a dish. My first experience with CurryUpNow was through a colleague who recommended that I try it and picked up a paneer burrito for me. The food (consumed the next day) was pretty tasty. So I decided to stop by to pick up some for the lady and myself yesterday.

We tried three dishes this time. My better half had a paneer kathi roll and I had a deconstructed aloo tikki. I also picked up a Methi Pulao Tikka Masala burrito for the next day’s lunch. The kathi roll came in for mixed reviews- it was interesting and tasty but extremely spicy, so much so that it had to be abandoned before complete consumption. My decon aloo tikki was a lot of fun and very tasty. The spice was a little less felt thanks to the tamarind chutney and the overall dish was much more balanced. The Methi Pulao Tikka Masala I had today for lunch (refridgerated since last evening) was pretty good. Not much spice kick and very tasty.The portion sizes are generous for the $7 and filled us up pretty well. 

For those interested in trying CurryUpNow, hit up their new restaurant in San Mateo or their trucks whose schedule is here. You can also order online and pick it up from a truck.

They are on facebook and on twitter, the latter of which helps in tracking their location quickly.


Ambience: N/A. Its street food.

Service: 5/5. Service was pretty quick although I was the only customer at the time.

Food: 4/5 (if you can handle the spice).

Price: 4/5 (reasonably priced for the quantity and novelty factor).

Overall: 4/5. Recommend a trip to the truck.