Pizza at zPizza in Mountain View

We were in the mood for pizza today and decided to try a new place (my favored local pizza joints Pizza My Heart in Cupertino, A Slice of New York in San Jose and Pizza Chicago in Sunnyvale will all be reviewed in the future). I had always wanted to try out zPizza on Castro St and today was the day.

zPizza on Castro Street, Mountain View is part of the zPizza chain which is in quite a few places in the US. The first thing that surprised us entering the place was that it was relatively empty for a sunny Thursday afternoon. Whether that spoke for the quality of food or the cost or just a random anomaly remained to be seen.

zPizza claims that it makes pure pizza with fresh and organic ingredients. The restaurant itself was very clean and sophisticated for a pizza joint. They offer pizza’s by the slice (whatever available) or full pies for order. We were in a hurry and chose slices of pizzas. For the vegetarians, there were two options- Provence and cheese. I picked a slice of Provence with a California salad and a drink for less than $8. The pizza tasted very fresh and had little cheese. The veggies tasted great and overall it was a nice pizza to eat. The salad was tasty and again- the veggies were fresh. Portions were reasonable- not huge. It would take 2 slices to fill the smaller stomach and two slices plus a salad for the bigger appetite.


Ambience: 5/5. The place looks great inside. Good amount of seating and pretty cheerful. There is also some outdoor seating on Castro St.

Service: 5/5. Service was pretty quick although we had ordered just slices that needed to be warmed.=

 Food: 4/5 (“fresh” was the buzz-word. I would like to try other full vegetarian pizzas someday).

Price: 4/5 (the slices were less than what it costs at Pizza My Heart (so is the size)).

Overall: 4.5/5. Worth a trip to the pizzeria.