OutofTowner: Chocolates and icecream at Zwahlens in Audubon, PA

The Bay Area, while enticing to the food lover wasnt really where I fell in love with all the wonderful kinds of food around me. My passion for food started so very long ago and really took a new life during my time in Southwest PA. I wanted to throw in an occasional review of some of those awesome eateries I frequented in this blog. Bay Area friends, next time you are in that part of the world, look up these places. They are fantastic.

My first OutofTowner review is about a place that I think is one of the best ice cream hangouts I have ever been to. Zwahlens in Audubon, PA is an interesting mom and pop ice cream/chocolate place that opened up when I lived in the neighborhood. They offered yummy chocolates and truffles and ice creams that were just out of the world. Now, unlike your Pop-Tate’s this place didnt offer a dozen flavors. They offered a flavor of the day, a dessert of the month and your always available vanilla and chocolate. The ice cream was made fresh, and sold at a very affordable price. The Flavor of the Day was repeated based on popular demand and they were truly imaginative and inventive. You could take home the flavors by the pint or quart as I often did and if you wanted more, tough luck.

In my innumerable trips to Zwahlens I managed to develop a love for their English Toffee and Mayan and Orange creamsicle. I hoarded when these flavors got their turn in the Sun. In addition to taking the ice cream home, Zwahlens had a wonderful family atmosphere, accentuated by the constant chatter of kids in summer. Parents flocked with their kids late into the evening on Fridays and Saturdays making it a summer hangout for everyone. The place was always packed in summer and come winter, there were people willing to bite the freeze for some wonderful ice cream and an awesome hot chocolate. Their cosy Alpine resembling interior was very welcoming- be it the warm summer or the cold winter.

Their belgian style chocolate and truffles were to die for- so special that I chose to distribute boxes of their wonderful truffles when my little guy was born. I could think of no other way to convey how special the occasion was.

For young kids, parties could be had in Zwahlens with a tour of the ice cream making machines. I’d be willing to go on and on about this fantastic place that I loved and cherish so much.

If I am sounding nostalgic, I am. In a sense, Zwahlens represents my life and times in Southwest PA. Fun, inventive, homely and just fantastic.  I so wish I was there right now, tasting their flavor of the day-Nutella.

Rating: 5/5 and more!


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  1. KimI do remember the first few times when we had friends over who wanted to sample the Zwahlens icecream only to see the place closed on Sundays.The apples definitely are try worthy….with all the varieties they offer.

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