Pizza at Pizza My Heart in Cupertino, CA

Yes, Pizza My Heart is a big chain in the Bay Area. But they deserve a review too and the pizza is more than just decent when you think about it.

 Pizza My Heart in Cupertino is a regular work lunch spot and I love going there. Their pizza’s are relatively thin and the veggies are pretty fresh. In addition, the cheese is not overbearing. Most importantly, the veggie pizza’s available are always interesting- and different from the typical Veggie Lover and cheese that Pizza Hut and Domino’s gives you. The crust is thin and crisp. They sell pizza’s by the slice which is great. A typical veggie slice runs you between $3.5 and $4.0. It is decent sized and I typically gobble down 2 slices for lunch.

 The veggie options available are described here. I am a big fan of their Super Veggie and their Little Sur which packs in a ton of veggies for the price and space. Prima is a personal favorite. Pesto is a fun pizza (although the cheese/oil combo can get excessive at times) and the Manresa is worth a try. To me, the fact that a pizza place offers so many vegetarian options is alone worth the price of an occasional trip. I have sampled pretty much all their veggie fare and am glad to report that none of them suck, some of them are good and a few of them are great. And this is coming from someone who picks out his mushrooms judiciously before eating his pizza.

 They offer salad options- I have tried the Greek once and liked it. A pizza slice, drink and salad combo goes for $6.75 which is a very affordable lunch in the Bay Area.

 Pizza My Heart also offers a frequent visitor card that is pretty good for a fast food place. 3 slices nets you a free soda, 6 gets you a free salad and 9 gets you a free slice (and they are incremental). Effectively after 9 slices, you accumulate a soda, salad and a slice. Pretty neat.


Ambience: 4/5. By Pizza place standards, its pretty neat with a beach vibe to it.

Service: N/A. Self service and its pretty fast.

Food: 4/5. Cant complain especially with a big veggie menu.

Price: 4/5. Pretty affordable lunch.

Overall: 4/5. I have consumed 21 slices here in the last 12 months (as my frequent visitor card tells me). That should explain it all!

P.S: Having spent most of the last decade in the East Coast (Boston and Philly notably) I have come to evaluate pizzas on the West Coast at a significantly lower benchmark than the East Coast. The mom and pop pizzerias of the East Coast offer a unique taste and experience unrivaled in the West. The veggie options were minimal but the taste was well above the West Coast best. A shout out to one of my favorites- Angelo’s in KoP. Review of that place coming in the OutofTowner section soon.