Chaat at iChaat Cafe in Sunnyvale

Today’s lunch was at iChaat Cafe in Sunnyvale. I have been to the place many times before for chaat but today was the second lunch trip. Ill write about today’s lunch and then add some notes on their overall vegetarian menu to give you a feel for the place.

For lunch, I chose their vegetarian special. For $7.99, you get a small cucumber salad, dhal, rice and two naans to accompany the curry of the day. Today the curry was kofta curry. I was given two koftas in a vegetarian sauce. Food was served pretty quickly. The salad was nice and tasty- the cucumbers were good. The daal was a tad rich for something that is supposed to be healthy. The kofta curry was very tasty- loved it. The rice and naan were well cooked and adequate for the quantity of dhal and sabzi provided.

The rest of their menu is definitely worth a try. Of the things we have tasted, the veggie wrap is a must eat. It comes as just a veggie wrap or as paneer/paneer tikka masala wrap. The chaat items are good- the papri chaat is a standout. In all, well worth a trip.


Ambience: 4.5/5. The place is non-descript. But what is a standout is the pencil art all over the place. The website itself is an example of the pencil art that fills the place. Gives it a unique look and feel.

Service:4/5. No big complaints. Food came fast and has come so in all our visits to the place. Note that it can get crowded during lunch and it might be a good idea to order online via their priority pickup.

Food:4.5/5. Based on what I ate today I loved it.

Price: 4/5. Some of the chaat items are a tad pricey given the competition in the area but they are not outlandish. The presentation is definitely worthy of an expensive product.

Overall:4.25/5. Out of all the chaat places in South Bay, I have a soft corner for this one.