French Crepes at Bonjour in Cupertino

It was Friday lunch time again and the place of choice was Bonjour Crepes across the street from our office. This was not my first trip to the place. I have been there multiple times in the past when they used to be down the street. They moved to a new location next to Lee’s Sandwiches with more place to sit and enjoy their great crepes. We were a party of 8 making a beeline to the creperie. The place was not crowded on a Friday afternoon but still understaffed to handle our party at the counter. A third member of the service team joined later during lunch. When we were ordering, it was a long affair with mistakes aplenty. I would like to point out that the person taking orders was new to the job and definitely deserves a second chance at it. She was visibly overwhelmed by the crowd and handling our orders. 

Once we got past the ordering delays and snafus (which continued until some incorrect orders made their way to our table), we finally sat down to eat the desired lunch. For first timers, here is a piece of advice. Never order just one crepe. Tasty as it is, it is not sufficient for a good lunch. The best portion size is 1 1/2 crepes which can either be a shared dessert crepe after the main course or a smaller side order or such. My favorite vegetarian crepe is the Spicy Veggie Melt but I was in the mood for something new and settled for the Mediterranean crepe with spinach, olives, tomato pesto and feta. They have a good vegetarian selection that can be seen here. The place offers you a choice of having your crepe done with white flour or organic buckwheat (explains the brown crepe you see in the pictures). The crepe was great. After all the wait, it was worth it. It was tasty and well done. Fellow vegetarians in the party liked their respective crepes and sandwiches (yes, its a new addition to their menu).

I dont get to enjoy ice cream often these days. So when I had a chance to have a sundae, I jumped on it. I ordered the Bonjour Sundae without the whipped cream (never saw the point of having whipped cream on top of an ice cream). It was great. The perfect end to a good meal.


Ambience: 4/5. The place attempts to look French. Mostly succeeds. But the extra space and location is very welcome compared to the older location.

Service: 3.5/5. Today might have been an aberration and I will update my review after a second trip but this one left something to be desired. 

Food: 4.5/5. The crepes tasted great and there are enough vegetarian options. The icecream was good too.

Price: 3.75/5. They are pricey given that one crepe doesnt fill the stomach but it is not exhorbitant. They are running a promition where crepes are $5.99 during Mon-Thu lunch. That is definitely a bargain price to enjoy their crepes.

Overall: 4/5. Good place to eat. I hope they get to fix their service issues and handle customers better and faster. The motivation is there and there is no lack of interest. It is just growing pains at a bigger and more popular location.