Thai food at Blue Mango in Santa Clara, CA

With family in town, eating out is a rarity that seems to come in bunches. And we ate out three times the last two days. I’ll try to get a review done for all of them soon. Meanwhile, here is a review of Blue Mango, a popular Thai place in Santa Clara.

Blue Mango is a small place just off of Lawrence Expy on Stevens Creek Blvd. There is a newer location on Coleman Ave which I have been to a couple of times. The place offers a good variety of vegetarian fare and deep spice customization that can range from mild to really mouth burning. 

We were a bunch from work on a Friday afternoon looking for some heavy food. Blue Mango has a fairly large vegetarian menu composed of curries, rice and noodles. The flavors are rich. We managed to get seating fairly easily and ordered an appetizer – peanut rounds. The rounds were hot (as in temperature) and the siracha chili sauce complemented it very well. The lunch menu offers veggie options for every dish (tofu or vegetables). I ordered the Spicy Noodles (Pad Kee Mao) with spice level 7. Now, the spice number varies from restaurant to restaurant. I have used number 7 at Blue Mango enough times to know that it is spicy without overwhelming the flavors from the dish itself. 

Lunch dishes are typically preceded with the soup of the day which was a tofu soup in a hot liquid. The flavors were basic but it was acceptable enough for lunch. The Pad Kee Mao was pretty tasty and the quantity was heavy enough for lunch. Given that we were a small group, dessert was in order. We ordered two of them to get a flavor of it. The chosen desserts were Friend banana with ice cream and Mango Samosa. Both of them were excellent. The Mango Samosa was a tad less sweet than the friend banana but the accompanying pineapple coconut ice-cream more than made up for it. 


Ambience: 4/5. Nothing extra ordinary. Artifacts from Thailand here and there but nothing out of the ordinary. 

Service: 4/5. It takes a little longer than one would want to get their food but its not a huge wait and the folks are pleasant.

Food: 4.25/5. The food tastes good and spicy. It is not extra-ordinary but definitely above average and worth multiple visits. The expansive vegetarian menu also makes it worth repeat visits.

Price: 4.25/5. Most of the dishes are nominally priced. Special dishes are expensive but those are few and there are more than enough to compensate for it.

Overall: 4/5. This place offers good solid Thai food. It is a safe bet for taking anyone. They will not be blown away but will come away full and without many complaints. Recommended.