Salad Buffet at Sweet Tomatoes in Sunnyvale

So most of you in the Bay Area have been to Fresh Choice. Sweet Tomatoes is very similar to Fresh Choice with very little to differentiate between the two. But I will review the two places independently so you get a feel for what it offers.

The branch of Sweet Tomatoes we visited was in Sunnyvale, next to the big hulking Costco. The place was packed for lunch on a warm Saturday afternoon when we descended with a big group. We were seated fairly quickly due to the constantly moving crowd. The entrance fee as I like to call it was similar to the one at Fresh Choice and we started gathering our veggies and fruits. I was pleasantly surprised to find a kids only plate at a lower cost and also a much wider salad bar than the one at Fresh Choice. I liked the overall arrangement of salad items and their choice of dressings. 

The fee paid, we got access to the pizza and soup sections of the restaurant. The pizzas were warm and the soups were tasty. There were two vegetarian options out of 3 soups which was good. The breads and pastries available were sumptuous and tasty. In the dessert section, there was very limited choice, not different from Fresh Choice.

Overall, it was a good lunch. I will refrain from rating the place under individual categories given the nature of the place but suffice to say, I will be going there again.

Overall Rating: 4.25/5