Asian Fusion at Vegetarian House in San Jose

I am not a big fan of Asian food (and Asian as is popularly used does not include India- never figured out why). I have select Thai dishes that I enjoy but in the grand scheme of things, I could do better with Mexican, American, Italian, Ethiopian, Mediterranean and of course Indian food. Given that premise, we planned an evening trip to Vegetarian House, a vegetarian place recently discovered and strongly recommended by the wife. To say that I was apprehensive would be putting it mildly.

The restaurant or atleast this branch was in downtown San Jose, not far from SJSU. The staff were courteous and ushered us into a spacious dining area. We got seated and were presented with a big menu. For an exclusively vegetarian place, the menu was long and varied which was good. We started off with a couple of appetizers – spring rolls and friend tofu. The appetizers were tasty- the sauces that accompanied them were good. The number of pieces was fewer than I would have liked but not out of line with what similar restaurants offer for the price.

The main course followed with eggplant tofu, kung pao tofu and spicy thai wrap being the selected three. For the tofu dishes white and brown rice were offered as additional cost sides. The food arrived steaming and was well liked by us. Specifically for me, the spicy thai wrap was fantastic. It was very earthy and the spice level was just right. It felt very healthy to me which is always a good feeling to have.

We wrapped up our meal with an order of young coconut water (or tender coconut water if you prefer it that way) and banana fritters. The former garnered mix reviews because of how pampered some of us have been with the tasty tender coconuts in India. The latter came in with ice cream and was very tasty.

Overall, the restaurant far exceeded my low expectations and warrants a definite second visit. Definitely recommended.


Ambience: 4/5. Low key but definitely interesting sights around the reception area. It seemed to me that there was a higher calling for the owners and it was reflected all over the place. Clean restrooms.

Service: 4/5. Between orders, we had to wait a tad longer considering the relatively light crowd but overall good service. Kid friendly plates and bowls for the little guy was a good touch.

Food: 4.5/5. Color me impressed with the variety and taste of my dishes.

Price: 4.25/5. Price is middle of the line. Not too cheap but not too expensive either.

Overall: 4.25/5. All of us liked and enjoyed our meal at Vegetarian House. Definitely worth another trip in the near future.