Indian buffet at Rangoli in Campbell

After getting some very important work done in Campbell, my wife and I were famished and wanted to get food fast. Yelp told us that there was a $$ Indian restaurant named Rangoli, a mile away and it carried great reviews. We figured, why not give it a shot. Less than ten minutes later we were standing at the lobby of a pleasantly welcoming Indian restaurant. The Indian-ness was everywhere but the decor was contemporary and the colors were muted. It felt pleasant and a nice change from the warm and bright 86F Campbell temperature at that time. We seated ourselves and promptly headed to the buffet area.

The buffet area was a surprise. Apart from being extremely clean and well labeled, the dishes were unique for an Indian buffet. The typical Indian restaurant salad is a sad assortment of store bought veggies thrown in to satisfy the requirements of a limited few non-Indians who consider salad an integral part of their meal. But its different in Rangoli. There were 5 different salads with all kinds of veggies and dressings, both Indian and western to make it a meal on its own. Two of the salads were pretty spicy while the rest were well balanced. All in all, the salad bar at Rangoli was a revelation.

The main curries were reasonable in number, about 4 vegetarian and 4 non-vegetarian. There was vegetable rice (more like a vegetable pulao) and also white rice. Hot naans were brought directly to our table and overall, the food was very tasty. Like with the salads, the desserts were interesting. Yes, there was a kheer. But no, there wasnt a gulab jamun or a dry gajar ka halwa. Instead there were mini delectables- cakes that looked western but with Indian flavoring and some nice petit desi sweets. Cant really describe them than to say they were good.


Ambience: 4.5/5. Better than most Indian places around here and unique.

Service: 4.5/5. It was buffet. So not much by the way of service.

Food: 4.5/5. The salads and desserts are alone worth the rating. Note that some dishes are pretty spicy.

Price: 3.75/5. Buffet was $11.99. That is definitely on the higher end of the spectrum for lunch. I would call it as worth the price though.

Restroom: N/A. Didnt have a chance to review and rate.

Overall: 4.5/5. Loved the place. Definitely recommending it and planning on a repeat trip in the near future.