Mexican cuisine at Vive Sol in Mountain View, CA

This was my fourth trip to the place. The last three bizarrely happened in a span of 3 days during Christmas last year. I needed a break- not from their tasty food but from the richness of it. I returned back to the restaurant this week. There was some amount of excitement- we were meeting a friend from long ago. Plus, there was the food at Vive Sol. Vive Sol offers food they claim is authentic to the Puebla region of Mexico. I have no knowledge about the place or its cuisine. Suffice to say, it tastes good.

The rest of the group was already seated on a busy Friday night when I walked in. For a change, I knew exactly what I wanted to eat. So the menu was just an afterthought. Appetizers are interesting in Vive Sol. None so that the free tortilla chips which comes with two exciting salsas. Both of the salsas are spicy and tingly. Add some guacamole as a side order and it makes for an excellent and relatively cheap appetizer. Their menu offers other interesting appetizers. Their chalupa is worth trying as an appetizer. Just remember to not think of the one you get in Taco Bell. I did order a virgin peach margarita which was lovely.

Vive Sol’s speciality in my opinion is their wonderful rendition of guajillo sauce. I tasted this sauce for the first time in Vive Sol and fell in love with it instantly. I have since recommended it to multiple friends who all ended up enjoying it just as much. Guajillo is a type of chili pepper fairly common in Mexico. Surprisingly, I have not come across the pepper much. Vive Sol uses this pepper to great effect in a creamy sauce that is just about the right spice level and perfect. I had a veggie burrito with Guajillo sauce which was awesome. It paired well with the Spanish rice and beans on the side.

Portions can be deceiving. If one gorges on the tortilla chips prior to the entree, the portion is perfectly adequate for dinner. For lunch, it depends on the hunger factor. Overall, I am a happy camper at Vive Sol and would recommend it very strongly.


Ambience: 4.75/5. Looks fancy. The little guy loves the hanging unicorns and lizards on the wall. The place is moody befitting its exotic food.

Service: 4.25/5. No major complaints. They were supposed to not put mushrooms in my burrito which was conveniently forgotten. So a small ding for it.

Food: 4.75/5. If the post didnt already make it obvious, I love their food.

Price: 4.25/5. It is on the expensive side. An entree with shared appetizer will cost close to $20 per person inclusive of tips.

Restroom: 4.75/5. Good clean restroom. Little guy made sure I had a good look at it.

Overall: 4.75/5. I cant recommend this place enough. It is out of the ordinary in terms of Mexican food. Worth atleast one visit.