Thai cuisine at Siam Thai in Cupertino

It has been a while since I reviewed a restaurant here. I can dole out a bevy of excuses- revisiting old spots over and over again, lack of compelling or unique places to write about. But here is the truth- my iPhone 3GS (now retired from active duty) had such a lousy battery that I couldnt really shoot photos of the food. Without pictures, a food blog looks kinda sad. I now have a new phone. And for this review, I took pictures from a colleague’s phone which is pretty good. Onto the review now.

Siam Thai is a completely indistinct Thai restaurant- by looks from the outside. It sits on De Anza Blvd in Cupertino and in the few years I have worked in the area, never have I been compelled to go there. But a friend convinced me to give it a shot and here we were – a small group of 9 making a Friday lunch trip to Siam Thai.

The place was relatively small (compared to say Thai Pepper down De Anza or Thai Delight on Homestead Ave). We got a seat pretty quickly for our sizeable group. Siam Thai offers lunch platters and other lunch specials with decent vegetarian support. Most of the lunch group ordered the platters while I was an exception going with a pineapple fried rice. A vegetarian Tom Yum soup came out almost instantly followed by the main courses. For a place as pedestrian looking as Siam Thai, I was definitely impressed with the plating on the lunch platter. See one of the photos to get what I mean. My pineapple fried rice was well plated also and the taste matched it. I was pleasantly surprised with how good my pineapple fried rice was (agreed it is too simple a dish to screw up but it was pretty good). With every passing moment, my opinion of the place grew. Fellow eaters were also suitably impressed with their food.

In all, first impressions are not always and not necessarily the best impressions. Siam Thai is deceptively uninviting on the outside but compensate with tasty food. Definitely worth a second visit soon.


Ambience: 3.75/5. Looks pedestrian. No other way to describe it.

Service: 4.25/5. No major complaints. We were seated quickly (given our group size), attended to almost immediately and served fast.

Food: 4.4/5. Food was definitely a high point. Tasty and nice.

Price: 4.25/5. Pretty affordable and standard fare for a lunch group. I found the lunch platters to be modestly priced and well balanced.

Restroom: N/A. Didnt have a chance to visit.

Overall: 4.25/5. The food is definitely pretty decent and I would recommend that you give it atleast one shot.