Mexican cuisine at Consuelo Mexican Bistro in San Jose, CA

My wife and I decided to have a special lunch on a special occasion at Consuelo Mexican Bistro in the Santana Row neighborhood of San Jose. We had walked past this restaurant so many times in the past that we decided to finally give it a shot.

It was a relatively warm winter afternoon and the Row was getting busy for the annual Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony scheduled for later that afternoon. We had a reservation but the restaurant was not crowded and we got seated outside thanks to the nice weather.

We were greeted with some really nice tortillas and three salsas of varying spice levels. The tomatillo based verde was pretty spicy and very tasty. As we gobbled up the tortillas hungrily, our drink- an agua fresca of the day- pineapple juice, came in. It was fresh and tasty.

Soon after, the food arrived. I had ordered a chile relleno. My wife had ordered a tortita de papa. The portions were reasonable but not large. The taste was excellent. We sampled both entrees and they were unique and fantastic. The relleno was not very spicy and quite flavorful.

The vegetarian fare is limited but seems to be well thought out. We were impressed with the food and definitely plan on going there again.


Ambience: 4.25/5. The place is nice inside. We ended up sitting outside on a pleasant afternoon and the view of Santana Row is very nice.

Service: 4.25/5. Service was good although it could have been faster and more to the request.

Food: 4.5/5. Food was excellent all around.

Price: 4/5. The price is on the higher side especially given the portion size. The location is probably the reason for the premium.

Restroom: N/A.

Overall: 4.25/5.  Worth a trip on a special occasion or with friends. Good food. Good ambience.