Indian buffet at Athidhi restaurant in Sunnyvale, CA

Athidhi Indian restaurant is a pretty large and relatively popular Indian buffet place in Sunnyvale. It s located at the intersection of Wolfe Road and Old San Francisco Road. It is a large facility that has a banquet hall attached to the main restaurant. The style of food is from Andhra Pradesh although dishes are culled from all parts of the country.

We went as a large group on a languid Friday afternoon prior to the holidays. Much of the place is what I would call as cookie cutter Indian buffet with the following exceptions, good and bad.

  • The food is pretty spicy. I mean to say, unless you have a thing for spicy food, you will find many of the dishes hard to eat. It pushed me to the edge of my spice handling capabilities. Unfortunately, the spice was without any unique flavor that I would hope.
  • The restaurant offers unlimited supply of good Indian chai as part of the buffets. As a tea lover, I will not complain about that.
  • The restaurant also offers what I would describe as a cross between a thick mango shake and a lassi- also unlimited and as part of the buffet. I am not sure if I can vouch for the naturalness of the mango drink but it was pretty sweet and worked well with the spice in the food.
  • For lovers of alcohol during a lunch buffet, Indian beer is part of the buffet. First time I ever saw that, anywhere.
  • There are quite a few dishes to eat if you are the quantity type.


Ambience: 6/10. Absolutely cookie cutter.

Service: 8/10. Cant complain about the service. As the place got crowded, it was hard to ask for things but no issues as such.

Food: 6/10. It depends on your taste. For me, it was a tad too spicy. The free tea/mango shake helped but the food as such was no big shakes.

Price: 8/10. I didnt pay for the buffet. It was a treat. But it is a good bargain for the quantity if thats what you are looking for.

Restroom: 8/10. Was decent and clean.

Overall: 7/10. Here is my take. If you are a spicy food lover looking for a bargain meal that fully satisfies your hunger, Athidhi works. If you prefer smaller portions but with a more curated taste, there are other options in Sunnyvale.