South Indian dinner at Tirupathi Bhimas in Milpitas, CA

After a shopping stint at the Great Mall in Milpitas, our family and that of a friend of ours wanted to get an Indian dinner. My friend suggested Tirupathi Bhimas- a place I have never been to but one that my wife had visited and had a decent opinion about. I agreed to give the place a shot- if not anything, atleast to get a review in (such if the power of writing my own blog :))

We arrived pretty late on a Saturday night. The place was reasonably crowded but not really full. The waiter having deciphered that we all shared a common language, decided to pitch in with recommendations so forceful it was almost as if he knew wanted us to eat. It was almost comical seeing him push what he thought we should be eating.

We had two tired and hungry kids. So we decided to order a simple curd rice for one of them while the other was going to share his mother’s South Indian thali. For the rest of the group, we ordered an adai avial (adai resembles a dosa but is much thicker because of the lentil batter it uses), szechuan fried rice and another plate of curd rice. The curd rice arrived quickly and we realised almost immediately that it was spicy. Yes, you are allowed to ask- how and why in the world is curd rice spicy. Beats me. The pattern was starting to show. My wife who ordered the thali complained that everything was a tad on the spicy side. She had to use the kesari in her thali to give my son his meal from hers. My szechuan fried rice was spicy beyond expectations. To be fair, I was warned that it was a spicy dish. Just that I did not anticipate the level of spice it carried. The kitchen was closing soon. I had to order a cup of the rava kesari just to quench the spice in my mouth. All in all, the spice was a tad too much for all of us to handle.


Ambiance: 7/10. A tad better than cookie cutter but not much more.

Service: 8/10. I could have gotten insulted by the almost too enthusiastic waiter as some of the other people in our group were. But I will give him some props for being attentive.

Food: 6/10. The spice was just too much. The flavor of the food was lost amidst the exuberance in spice.

Price: 7/10. Not too expensive.

Restroom: 8/10. It was clean and usable.

Overall: 7/10. I wish the food was a little toned down for me to rate this place higher. It was not just one dish. On the bright side, if spicy Indian food is your thing, this place will surely please you.