Bubble tea at Verde Tea Cafe in Cupertino, CA

This is lest of a full review and more of a keepalive post. I was out on vacation and also in the midst of tight work schedules but the blog must go on :)

I am a big fan of good bubble tea, something my Asian buddies at work got me hooked on to. I try not to go for it too often but every once in a while, I do treat myself to one. Out of the many places hawking bubble tea in Cupertino and there are many, the best I have tasted is at Verde Tea Cafe.

Verde Tea Cafe has two locations- one in Mountain View which I have been to also and the other in Cupertino on Stevens Creek Blvd, in the same complex as Elephant Bar and Marukai Market. The place has a lot more to offer but the only thing I have tried is bubble tea. Calling it bubble tea is a misnomer as you get to choose from a variety of milk tea’s (the one I tried most recently and shown in the picture is Papaya milk) and different kinds of pearls/bubbles. In my case, the chosen bubble was rainbow crystals.It was fantastic.

So how does one judge a bubble tea?. I am no expert but I get an artificial flavor taste when I order a bad/average bubble tea versus the one at Verde Tea. I could be completely wrong about it but I definitely find a taste difference. It can be a little sweet for some people but I love em sweet- so no complaints. Just so you are aware, the place hawks other stuff and has some weird house rules, I am told by friends. I typically order, wait outside, pick my tea and head back to work.

So the next time you are in the Cupertino area and in the mood for some good bubble tea to help you tide over the heat, give Verde Tea Cafe a shot. You wont regret it.