OutofTowners: Southwestern cuisine in Santa Fe, NM

I have been out of action in this blog for over a month which is a travesty given how much good food I have had in that time. I have been sincere to my other blogs writing about concerts, books and gadgets. Its only fair that the greater call of good food get its due. While I gather my thoughts and write reviews on restaurants I have visited in the past month, why not let readers get a peek at some wonderful food I had in fantastic Santa Fe, NM a few weeks ago. Here goes.

Our first day lunch apon arrival was at TuneUp Cafe in downtown Santa Fe. Crowded lunch place with interesting food.

Overall, the food was just wonderful. For foodies like me and my wife, Santa Fe was a paradise. We had vegetarian options everywhere we went and very pleasant people to make dining a lot of fun. The little guy cooperated by eating whatever we could get him at the restaurants making it a pleasurable trip food wise. And the town of Santa Fe is gorgeous. Distinctly unique and the surrounding mountains and pueblos are definitely remarkable. Make a trip if you can.