Indo-Chinese cuisine at Wang’s Kitchen in Milpitas, CA

I am a sucker for good Indo-Chinese food ever since the days of consuming gobs of spicy veggie fried rice and noodles in the dark roads of Malleshwaram, Bangalore in the 90’s. The quick, cheap and voluminous quantities of Indo-Chinese food at Rs.15 filled up the stomach and more.

In the US, Indo-Chinese restaurants are far and few relegated to big cities with sizeable Indian population. When I lived in Irving, TX for a brief time, my favorite haunt was Masala Wok. Their small but filling Indo-Chinese platters were always fantastic. It has been a while since I moved out of Dallas and longer since I sampled decent Indo-Chinese food. When my wife mentioned about a new place in Milpitas that offered decent Indo-Chinese food, I couldnt wait to taste their fare. I finally got my wish a few weekends ago. This review is of that restaurant – Wang’s Kitchen in Milpitas, CA.

We walked in on a weekend afternoon around 12.15. The place was close to empty. This didnt give me a good feeling. I am used to crowded Indian restaurants for lunch. Did I miss a memo on this place?. We sat down and an eager waiter with a big smile came up to us to take the orders. Given my wife’s warnings on how spicy the fare here was, we stressed on a non-spicy version of everything we ordered. This included Paneer sabzi, gobi manchurian and fried rice along with a mango lassi. The food started arriving pretty quickly (not surprising given that we were one of two customers in the restaurant). We discovered to our pleasant surprise that the food was tasty, not really spicy and very much to the liking of our little guy. The last part was very important given that he is relatively picky when it comes to trying out new food.

As we were making our way through the meal, the place started filling up almost rapidly. By the time we were done, the place was full. Overall, we liked our food. It was not anything out of the ordinary. The food was tasty yet not so adventurous. I would definitely go there again and would recommend others to give it a shot too.


Ambiance: 7/10. Nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing to complain about either.

Service: 8.5/10. Service was good and the folks attending to us were very attentive. Food also arrived pretty quickly.

Food: 8/10. Good food. Tasty. Nothing extraordinary.

Price: 8/10. Reasonable. Not cheap. But definitely worth the price for the meal.

Restroom: 8/10. Clean restroom.

Overall: 8/10. I liked the food and it took care of my Indo-Chinese craving. I know where to go when I need my next Indo-Chinese fix. Give the place a shot. Just remember to specify the amount of spice you want in your dish.