Middle Eastern food at Falafel Stop in Sunnyvale, CA

I am a big fan of Middle-Eastern food, especially falafel, hummus and tabboleh. So I make sure I give every Middle-Eastern place around me atleast one shot. One exception to that rule has been Falafel Stop place on Sunnyvale-Saratoga road in the Sunnyvale-Cupertino border. I have driven past it very many times on the way to lunch on El Camino but never stopped at the Stop. After strong recommendations from a few colleagues at work, I decided to give it a shot earlier this week. Here is my review.

Falafel Stop is kind of hard to miss when you drive on Sunnyvale-Saratoga road. It is at the Fremont Road intersection next to the Dairy Belle. The place has a big Stop sign on top and the walls are painted bright yellow and red. Their menu is tailored for the lunch crowd of which there is a big one thanks to Apple and all other companies in the neighborhood. The menu is also simple and offers limited number of dishes. The store is manned by 4 people, one taking orders and three others cooking/preparing your order. You can see the falafels being deep fried and the vegetables being chopped in front of you. You can watch them put your salad together.

I ordered an Israeli salad and on second thought, added a half falafel wrap. Most salads leave you half full and I didnt want to skimp on my lunch. One of my colleagues picked up a falafel plate, another ordered the sabich and the last one who doesnt like falafel ordered a Masabacha plate and the dessert- Creme Bavaria. While being prepared, I was asked for spice level on both my dishes and I went with medium spicy. The food was very affordable and surprise of surprises, the portions were very generous. While there is agood amount of outdoor seating available, we chose to take our food back to work to eat.

I started with my Israeli salad which was fantastic and voluminous. The dude who ordered the falafel plate was eating Middle Eastern food for the first time and was blown away. The Sabich also came in for good praise. When I bit into my falafel wrap, I experienced pure joy. It was fantastic. The falafel itself was well cooked. The rest of the wrap was yummy and the spice was just right. And then there is the bread. The fresh pita bread that came with my salad and was also used for my falafel was outstanding. It was thick and soft and extremely tasty. I cant sing enough praises about it. My salad had to be carried over partly for dinner. It was that big. I also tried the Cream of Bavaria dessert which was delectable.

Overall, I was extremely happy with my food at Falafel Stop. The food is affordable, tastes great and the place is not too far from work. Best of all, the entire menu is vegetarian. There is really no excuse to not visit this place again. Very soon at that.


Ambiance: N/A. Unless you want to count Sunnyvale – Saratoga road as part of the ambiance.

Service: 8/10. Service was quick but the place was super busy and it is single threaded. So be prepared to wait for 15 minutes to get your food on a normal work day.

Food: 9.25/10. Loved it. Cant find any fault.

Price: 9.25/10. Great value. A falafel place at less than $7 will be a full meal.

Restroom: N/A

Overall: 9/10. Falafel place is not your typical sit down place. Plan on taking out your food. But also plan on having a fun and enjoyable meal. It was well worth the trip for me and I will heartily recommend the place.