Photo Essay: Campbell Farmer’s Market

Before I get started, I apologize for the inactivity in this blog over the last few weeks. I was on vacation eating home cooked food followed by a few weeks of focused effort in getting out my very first book. I still have not been to any new restaurants to review, but here is something to see and enjoy.

I am a big fan of the California Farmers’ Markets. If you are local to the Bay Area, you know the popularity of these markets. And rightfully so. They offer fantastic local and organic produce options at a reasonable price. As a consumer, you walk away happy at having supported local farmers and also having gotten fresh and very tasty produce.

Over the last few years, we have visited the ones in Campbell, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Blossom Hill, Cambrian, Cupertino, Fremont, ¬†Saratoga and Evergreen. Of the lot, my personal preference has been strongly for Campbell, Mountain View and Sunnyvale. They offer a great variety of produce- both fruits and vegetables, a high percentage of which is organic. They also offer good snacking options for those who want to make an outing of it. They also offer ample sampling opportunities and a wide area for kids to roam around, unfettered. We consider Campbell Farmers’ market as our local one and go there 3 weeks in a month.

It is summertime now when some of the produce is at its best. The strawberries and colorful peppers are everywhere. As are the plums and pluots and greens. Best of all, there are tomatoes- small, medium, large and of all shapes and colors in the heirloom tradition. I captured some photos at the market over the last couple of weeks and wanted to share them here.