Gelato at Gelato Classico in Mountain View, CA

After all these years, we finally succumbed to having gelato at the renowned Gelato Classico in Mountain View, CA. I sampled chocolate hazelnut, butter pecan, peanut butter, honey lavender and chocolate crunch while picking up scoops of fresh ginger and lychee for myself. The honey lavender was great as was the butter pecan. The lychee was OK but the fresh ginger was much better especially with small ginger pieces. Overall good place worth a visit on a warm afternoon stroll through Castro street. Be prepared to wait in line as the place is invariably crowded and also pay premium prices. Two small scoops cost about $3.60.

Would I go there again?. Yes. Here is why. They have so many unique flavors that it will be a while before I have sampled all the intriguing ones. Is this the best gelato I have had- nope. But it is definitely very good and worth giving a shot. And summer is about to end. So what are you waiting for- head over for a couple of scoops of the honey lavender and fresh ginger. You will definitely not regret it.


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