Lunch at Whole Foods Market in Cupertino, CA

I am not here to write a review about Whole foods, the market. Everyone knows about it. It is a great place to find organic and local produce. It is the next best thing to a Farmers market but it comes at a price. It is a good 30% more to buy grocery at Whole Foods when compared to your regular supermarket. And it definitely pinches the wallet. More so is that once you are hooked to the Whole Foods way of eating, it is hard to get out of it. Before you know it, you are neck deep in quinoa, kombucha and gluten free whatever. But thats not what this post is about. This is all about the lunch options at Whole Foods.

I wanted to write briefly about the dining experience at Whole Foods. I have been a regular lunch customer at the Cupertino Whole Foods and a weekend customer at the local Whole Foods in Almaden Valley. for a while now. I love their lunch offerings. It is varied, eclectic and full of health conscious choices. It is not the cheapest lunch in town- a good lunch costs $10-$15 including a beverage but it is healthy and wholesome. I like their large salad bar, a title which is misnomer because it offers so many different food options from Indian curries to mac and cheese to a few different types of quinoa salads.

The pizza and calzone offerings are pretty good too.I recently tried vegetarian sushi and enjoyed it very much. They also offer a beverages bar and a large pastry section that is hard to resist. They have a large regular salad bar that my 5-year old loves to pick from. The one thing I do recommend first timers at the Whole Foods dining area is to prepare for very little to mild salt in their food. The salad bar options like the quinoa salads and even some Indian curries are very mild, both in salt and spice. So grab some pepper and salt sachets before settling down to eat.

My biggest praise is reserved for their burritos. I am sucker for the Whole Foods burritos. For $7 ($8 with extra guacamole), it is a huge meal. There are different tortilla options – tomato, spinach and regular. The rice smells and tastes great and the salsas are great. Overall, it is a huge burrito that is guaranteed to fill your ravenous hunger. Coupled with a summertime agua fresca like melon or pineapple or the perennial favorite- coconut water, the burrito is the best lunch for the money at Whole Foods. Overall, a happy luncher all the time.