Vegetarian food at Beer Garden in Sunnyvale, CA

Admit it. You are reading this purely because of the title. And here is the list of questions that popped in your head before you clicked on the title.

– Why would someone review vegetarian food at a beer place?

– Who is the target audience?

Here is my answer. Contrary to popular opinion, this post is NOT link bait. I don’t have ads to bait you. And there are many reasons for this post.

1. Beer Garden offers food, albeit with a small menu.

2. Chances are, even if you are there for the beer, you are hoping to snack some.

3. Finally, and most importantly for me, this is really about the unsung hero, the designated driver,  who needs to eat something decent while the rest of the group atleast has beer to turn to.

With all this in mind, here is my brief review of everything but the beer offerings at Beer Garden.

We were a group of  people on a weekday at Beer Garden. Having braved the 101 traffic, we made our way to the place which is easy to spot on Mathilda Avenue.

I was famished and decided to order a bunch of appetizers from their menu. I chose onion rings and falafel as the two appetizers for our table. To give company to my friends, I wanted to order a non-alcoholic beverage from the menu. Unfortunately, there was really nothing much to choose from beyond the usual colas, Sprite and the odd pineapple juice. I went with the pineapple juice. The onion rings and falafel arrived soon enough. The quantity variance between the two dishes was stark. While there was a big pile of oily onion rings on the plate, there were 4 falafel patties. I definitely wished that the portion sizes were inverted between the two. Anyways, the falafel was reasonably tasty but the amount of oil on the onion rings was well beyond expected. Yes, I know onion rings are essentially battered onions deep fried in oil. But I have seen versions with much less oil than this.

As everyone in the group arrived, I added one more appetizer to the table in the form of vegetarian quesadilla. The veggie quesadilla was good not great and the main reason again was the amount of oil. It was hard to ignore. The oil in the rings and the quesadilla was so much, I had to skip eating my meal. I needed a Sprite to cleanse my palate.

Overall, from what I gathered from my friends, the beer was very good and there were many choices on tap. But the vegetarian food was less than desirable to me. I wish I had better choices made with lesser amount of oil.

Since I didn’t eat any real food, I am not doing my usual ratings here.