Indian cuisine at Naan N Masala in Milpitas, CA

Yelp is a big innovation for folks in big cities or visiting one of those. It gives you a tremendous amount of reviews for each place to help make a decision to go somewhere for lunch or dinner. Where it fails is in giving you the right kind of recommendations for restaurants in the suburbs and more importantly, a qualitative one. We have had the occasional Yelp fail and this past weekend, got one more in the form of Naan N Masala. At the time of writing this post, there are 691 Yelp reviews for the place, averaging 4 stars. That would indicate to me that the place is above average for a sizable number of patient reviewers. Let me explain how that worked out for us this past weekend.

Naan N Masala is literally a hole in the wall. It was a challenge to find in the dark, to say the least. It is a pretty small place in an obscure corner of a deserted strip mall. We were thankfully not the only people in the restaurant on a cold Saturday night. Upon entrance, my wife remarked that the place was not what she expected based on the reviews. We sat down on a pretty worn down table and I went up to the counter to place my order. Food was relatively cheap and the menu offered a good amount of vegetarian choices. We chose one curry- the Kadai Paneer to go with onion kulcha, Pachauri naan and raita. For the little guy, we ordered his favorite dish, the channa bhatura.

The channa bhatura arrived relatively quickly. It was disappointing. The bhatura was very thick as though they had a glut of dough to use up before the night. The channa was decent. The little guy was more than a little disappointed that his favorite channa bhatura was not what he really got. With the aid of some yoghurt, we managed to get him to eat one of the two bhaturas. For us, the kadai paneer arrived alongside the kulcha and the naan. The breads were pretty good. The kadai paneer was very greasy. The spice was a tad on the high side but given the weather, was welcome. The restaurant also offered complimentary chai which was welcome.

Overall, the restaurant is as bare bones as they could be with minimum frills and absolutely no fancy. That would work if the food was great. Unfortunately, the food left some to be desired and the place left some more to be desired. Overall, should work for takeout lovers who are in an absolute hurry with no other choices. Otherwise, better food can be had.


Ambiance: 7/10. Barebones and needs an overhaul. Not the best of locations either.

Service: 7.5/10. Nothing to complain about. Food arrived quickly.

Food: 7.5/10. Average. Nothing bad but really nothing great either.

Price: 8/10. Price was reasonable.

Restroom: 6.5/10. Left a lot to be desired.

Overall: 7/10. Targets the takeout crowd looking for cheap and acceptably tasty food. Otherwise, better options abound in the South Bay.