Thai cuisine at Thai Orchid in Campbell, CA

Indians have a big crush on Thai food. This much is certain from the number of times our Indian friends recommend Thai cuisine over any other. This past week, one of our relatives was visiting from Florida and when given a choice, picked a Thai place in the vicinity. We had never been to the place in our 2 years of living here and figured why not. So off we trundled on a pleasant winter evening to Thai Orchid in Campbell.

We were a group of seven and famished on a weekday evening at Thai Orchid. We got seated fairly quickly and started perusing the menu. We found a bunch of items that appealed to the vegetarian in us. The waiter dropped off the menu in our hands and disappeared. For a long time. While we waited, having made our decision, a different gentleman came by to give us complimentary Taro root fries. The Taro root fries were nice- the peanut sauce complemented it well. Only minor gripe- it was very greasy even by fries standards.

After quite a wait, out orders were taken and the food started arriving. The appetizer of choice was crispy tofu which was well cooked. Most of us had ordered noodles in one form or the other with the exception of my wife who had the yellow curry with tofu. The curry was relatively bland even by the low spice standards but definitely worked for the little guy. So that problem was solved. Overall, the food was good without any thing special to write about. Most of us went with medium spice and had to add chili sauce to make it spicier. So if you have a spicy palate, make sure to ask for it.


Ambiance: 8/10. The place is nice and pleasant. It is bigger than it seems and can seat a lot of small groups.

Service: 7.75/10. Service was good when we had someone attending to us.

Food: 8/10. Good Thai food.

Price: 8/10. Reasonable for dinner.

Restroom: 8/10. Clean but small.

Overall: 8/10. One of your safe bets. Not going to wow you but will definitely fulfill your Thai food urge.