Israeli cuisine at Oren’s Hummus Shop in Palo Alto, CA

It has been a while since I wrote a review here. In that time, I have been circling the same places I frequent in the neighborhood without much experimentation. Last weekend, we finally got out to Palo Alto to pick up some food at a well-reviewed Israeli place, Oren’s Hummus Shop.

Oren’s Hummus Shop is located on University Avenue and was bursting at its seams on a balmy Saturday evening. The waiting time was over 30 minutes. So it was going to be a grab and go affair. Thankfully, they have food packaged and ready to go for people like me. The options are simple and easy- and for the grab and go folks, simpler still. We picked up a pack of 5 pitas (the whole wheat kind) and 4 sides. For every three sides, the fourth comes free. We selected Hummus (of course), green cabbage, Moroccan carrots and Hot green Harrisa sauce. The bill was $24.

Orens Hummus Shop Orens Hummus Shop Orens Hummus Shop Orens Hummus Shop Orens Hummus Shop Orens Hummus Shop Orens Hummus Shop Orens Hummus Shop

Soon after, we landed home and unpacked the goodies. The pita has cooled down unfortunately but a few minutes in the microwave fixed that. The hummus and green cabbage were excellent as were the carrots. The harrisa is its own thing- spicy would be grossly underplaying it. It light my mouth up on fire unlike any other. I had assumed that it was the western version of spicy- but boy was I wrong. And I had smeared it like a typical chutney. I needed a cup of orange juice and yoghurt and something sweet to bring me back to Earth. But I tell you this. It has been four days since and my wife and I continue to smear it on everything from dosas to chappathi to our sandwiches and even crackers. It has a devilishly addictive taste to it that compels you to give it a spin, even when you know its going to be a helluva ride.

Overall, we love the food and cant wait to dine in next time and give the other items on the menu a shot.


Ambiance: N/A. We didnt dine in but I did get a chance to go in to order. The place is small and cosy. Nothing fancy but still inviting.

Service: N/A. Some of the items to go were being made on a regular basis and packed which made our checkout process very quick.

Food: 9/10. Love it.

Price: 9/10. For $24, three of us were well fed and the hummus and harrisa has lasted us 5 more days and going strong.

Restroom: N/A.

Overall: 9/10. Great food. Cant wait to taste the rest of the items on the menu.