Asian fusion lunch at Noodles and Company in Cupertino, CA

Last week, a branch of the Noodles and Company opened up in Cupertino. Having once eaten at the restaurant long long ago, I was waiting to sample their food again and I got a chance to do it today. Here is my review of my dining experience at the new Cupertino Noodles and Company.

It was a wet and cold afternoon and we had walked for 15 minutes to get to Noodles and Company. I was hoping to get some warm comfort food with a decent dash of spice. Two things stuck me from the menu. The first thing was that it had quite a few vegetarian options. Second thing was the price. Intriguing vegetarian options at reasonable prices was something I could not resist. I ordered an Indonesian Peanut Saute with extra tofu. Of note is the fact that Noodles also offers American style options like sandwiches, pastas, salads and soup.

I ordered a plate of Indonesian Peanut Saute with an extra dose of tofu. My companion ordered Pad Thai. The food arrived pretty quickly. We were royally treated since the particular location had opened only a few days ago. The manager came personally and checked if we were happy. Multiple folks checked on us over the period of time we were there.

The Peanut Saute was excellent. It clocked in at close to 1000 calories (with the tofu included) which is on the higher side IMHO but the taste was great. It was great comfort food, warm and spicy to contrast with the wet and cold weather outside. I relished every bit of it.

Overall, I was very happy with my first Noodles and Company experience in a very long time. I definitely plan on going back again.


Ambiance: 8/10. Nice, clean and open floor plan. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Service: 8.75/10. Great attentive service. My companion eats gluten free food and they were willing to explain the gluten free options along with providing a menu which explained the choices.

Food: 8.5/10. Loved what I ate. The spice levels were just right as was the quantity.

Price: 8.5/10. Quite reasonable. My dish with the extra order of tofu still clocked under $10.

Restroom: N/A

Overall: 8.5/10. First trip happy. Hope my future trips cement my opinion of the place, the food and the service. For now, go for it.