Delectable pastries at La Patisserie in Cupertino, CA

If you live near the Cupertino area, I would recommend that you check out La Patisserie on Stevens Creek Blvd. I have picked up many a cake from them over the past few years and a boat load of petit fours (the french macaroon types). I have also sampled a lot of their small baked cookies by the pound and they are very good. I keep thinking of snapping pictures and always forget. This time I did manage to get a few photos of the two pounds of cookies and the burnt almond cake I picked up last week. The cookies were unputdownable and the burnt almonds were yummy. Here are some photos.

P.S: I have never been to France. So never had the chance to sample the authentic fare. Don’t hold me against that. All I know is that this place has good stuff.