Pastries at Paris Baguette in Cupertino, CA

To keep with the pastry theme of this week, here are some pictures from the Korean bakery, Paris Baguette at their recently opened location in Cupertino. I have visited their other location in Santa Clara but find this more pleasing to the eye. The baked goods are yummy as always, although a tad pricey.

This past Sunday, after our Mother’s Day lunch, we picked up pineapple and guava croissants, a chocolate mini-bite and a bubble tea for me. The pineapple croissants were fantastic. Stop by your neighborhood Paris Baguette for some pineapple goodness when you have the time.

PS: I discovered after I took these pictures that I wasn’t allowed to do so. If you the reader are from Paris Baguette and would like me to take down this post, do message me in private.