Cakes and pastries at 85C in Cupertino, CA

Yes, one bakery to be featured this week. I had the opportunity to visit the newly opened 85C in Cupertino, CA for lunch. They don’t really offer sandwiches and stuff. Just savory and sweet pastries in very many kinds and flavors. I sampled 4 of them today for lunch along with a honeydew smoothie. The Walnut tart was choc full of well, walnut pieces. I had to eat them over multiple sittings and share it with my wife at home. The coffee raisin roll was also very tasty as was the French cheese roll. I also tried a maple syrup toast that was interesting and chewy good. Overall, 85C is more affordable that Paris Baguette or Kee Wah Bakery and more spacious too. The pastries were very tasty. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy and then hopefully give the place a try.

One note though- this is not for the health conscious. Every item here is either rich in sugar or butter or both. And there is enough to tempt every one of you. So be warned.