Mexican cuisine at Tu Mero Mole in San Jose, CA

Not too far from where I live is a highly rated Mexican hole-in-the-wall called Tu Mero Mole. I never gave it a chance just because it looked so darn small and uninviting from the outside. Fortunately for me, circumstances forced me to visit them recently and I walked out happy and kicking myself that I had not made the trip earlier. So here is my review of Tu Mero Mole in Cambrian Park neighborhood of San Jose, CA.

It was a weekday and I was working from home because I had hurt myself the previous day. I was definitely looking for some comfort food. I decided to head to my closest decent Indian restaurant, Rangoli on Union Ave. As it would happen, Rangoli was bursting at its seams and I didnt have the mind to drive elsewhere. I realized that this was my God given opportunity to try Tu Mero Mole on Woodard Road, right behind Rangoli.

The restaurant is very small and can seat no more than 15 people. It was filled to the brim when I walked in and luckily for me, someone just stood up. I parked my book in the table and walked up to order. The place does not offer very many vegetarian options on the menu. What they offer are vegetarian variants of their popular dishes. I ordered a grilled veggie plate with beans and rice and an extra helping of their guacamole. I also added a watermelon juice to go with the meal. There was a nice salsa bar where a selection of salsas at varying levels of spice were available for me to choose from. I picked the three most spiciest ones and coupled them with the complementary nachos I was offered. The salsas were fantastic and soon enough I was reaching for a second helping of it.

Food arrived pretty quickly and it was wonderful. It was not very spicy which should work for most of the audience. I added some of the spicy salsa to give it a kick and it was delicious. It was complemented by some of the softest tortilla I have experienced in a restaurant. As a matter of note to the readers, they make the tortillas non-stop right in front of you and the result shows. It was just fabulous. The food was so filling I could not finish my tasty watermelon juice. So there.

Overall, I loved my visit and every morsel of food I ate, not to mention the salsa and the juice. I would definitely be making more trips in the future to this small but inviting Mexican place in my neighborhood.


Ambiance: 8/10. Very simple and sparse. But surprisingly inviting. It is a very small place though.

Service: 8.75/10. Service was quick and I had absolutely no complaints.

Food: 9/10. Fabulous and some of the best tortilla in town.

Price: 8.5/10. Reasonable for a lunch. Not cheap but definitely a filling lunch for less than $10.

Restroom: N/A

Overall: 8.5/10. Loved the place and the food. Definitely recommended.