Mediterranean cuisine at Cafe Artemis in Campbell, CA

Mediterranean cuisine is one that I like to eat fairly often. It spans a lot of countries and offers some tantalizing options based on how adventurous the restaurant wants to get. At times, the vegetarian options are limited but those few can be quite tasty. For a semi-picky eater like me who does not prefer eggplant, Greek vegetarian options tend to be one or two dishes. I still like the food and it is with that spirit that we made a trip to Cafe Artemis in Campbell, CA. This is my brief review.

Cafe Artemis is located in the Pruneyard Shopping Center in Campbell, CA. It is located near the Rockbottom brewery in the complex. We went on a mild Fall Tuesday evening. The place had a handful of patrons and it was not difficult to find a place for the five of us. We got seated and a waitress promptly appeared to take our orders. We were all hungry and in the mood to order everything vegetarian they had to offer and we pretty much did.

Cafe Artemis dinner menu had a lot of vegetarian appetizer options but very few past that. A few salads here and there and one entree vegetarian dish was all there was. A lunch menu option- vegetarian kebap (kebab) was not on the dinner menu but we were able to convince the chef to make one for us. In all, we ordered the Saganaki Opa, Tzatziki and Hummus for appetizers. We were also offered complementary bread with a herb cheese that was well received by my 6 year old.

The Saganaki Opa was definitely a sight to behold when it was flamed table side. It looked great but was a tad too salty for some of our taste. The tzatziki was very tasty as was the hummus. The pita bread accompanying the tzatziki and hummus was also very soft and nice to eat.

The entrees we ordered were the following – Greek salad with falafel extra, vegetarian kebap, mediterranean okra and Melitzanosalata (eggplant salad). My Greek salad was very good although the falafels were not as warm as I would have liked them. The kebap came in for good feedback. The Okra was also well received. The Melitzanosalata had salt complaints. One common theme was that there was too much salt in the food. Not sure if it was just this one night or this was a regular occurrence. My salad didnt have such an issue.

The group chose the Warm gelato with ouzo torte to go with a birthday candle. The dessert was heavenly. It had the right balance of chocolate, ice cream and strawberries to make it simply deadly. Loved the combo and the packaging.

Overall, it was a good dinner- hopefully the extra salt is a one off thing. I wish they had more vegetarian entrees so I could make multiple visits. For now, this is a rare trip that is recommended for anyone who has never been to the place.


Ambiance: 8.5/10. Pleasing ambiance with multiple TVs (if you like that) and exotic lighting. Very inviting.

 Service: 8.5/10. The service was very good. They were willing to customize the kebap for us which was a good touch.

Food: 8/10. I would love to give it a 9 but not knowing if the salt was a one off thing, I will stay at 8.

Price: 8/10. A tad on the expensive side without being exorbitant.

Restroom: 9/10. Nice and clean.

Overall: 8.25/10. Worth a visit if you have never been to the place. Tricky for frequent visits for vegetarians given the lack of more vegetarian dishes on the menu.